Health Information for Parents

A newsletter was sent home 17th March with school and community based decisions around social distancing.  We are working together as a group of schools to support the health and safety of all students in Katanning.

We are aware that some decisions will not be ones that our students are happy with, but for he safety of all, we are following guidelines from the Department of Education and Health.

I have spoken to students in class about Coronavirus and the changes we are needing to put into place.  Our newsletter of 17th March has handouts for parents which we hope are helpful.  This newsletter will also be sent out in a text message link.

If you have any questions or there is anything you wish to discuss, do not hesitate to ring the office or call in.  No question is a silly question and we will endeavor to find answers to any qustions for you from the authorized sources.  Our prime focus is to support clear communication at all times between school and home.

Teresa Wigg

Social Distancing Guidance
Parenting Ideas - Leading the way for children during the Coronavirus pandemic